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Automate Your Call Quality Monitoring Process with Speech Analytics


Call quality monitoring and assurance in the call center is essential in today’s business environment where finding the voice of the customer is standard practice in order to meet the growing needs of the customer base. In the past, basic call recording was used to record calls and manually monitor a sampling of those calls however that process has become antiquated.

When using that process, important insights are missed. Instead, call centers are turning to speech analytics technology to automate the call quality monitoring process in order to discover valuable information that was previously hidden inside customer conversations. Here’s what a speech analytics implementation process looks like:

Select a speech analytics vendor to work with

Speech analytics technology requires an investment, which is why it’s not a decision that should be taken lightly. It’s worthwhile to research all of your options to ensure that the selected technology meets all of the unique needs of your business. Today, it’s recommended to utilize a cloud-based speech analytics solution because there is no installation required. This results in lower costs for implementation and support.

Set parameters and automate reports

Speech analytics software finds specific spoken phrases within call recordings in real time. Users must identify goals and create and refine custom searches to meet company call quality objectives. The software identifies and categorizes calls based on these objectives and search definitions. Automated reports can be delivered as frequently as necessary.

Analyze customer actions

Calls are scanned in a systematic way, transforming unstructured, unleveraged call quality data into insights. Actionable customer trends emerge and this knowledge can be used to improve operations and overall customer experience.

Because customer satisfaction is a top priority in today’s competitive business landscape, utilizing speech analytics software for greater insights into all customer calls, not just a handful, is imperative. An automated call quality monitoring and assurance process provides an organization with greater access to data that can be used to enhance the customer experience, close knowledge gaps, and improve operational efficiency which results in continuous company growth and an increased bottom line.

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