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Call Recording Contributes to Service Recovery Efforts


“Service recovery” from a customer service standpoint is relatively easy to define. “The act of turning a negative into a positive” is one way of conveying the basic premise behind this term. But developing an effective service recovery strategy and executing it successfully calls for a thorough understanding of the circumstances surrounding a customer’s consternation, and most often requires a concentrated effort.

Surviving and Thriving after Mistakes

We all make mistakes from time to time. Businesses are no different. But in the world of commerce where customers are the lifeblood of any enterprise, mistakes can tarnish a brand or company’s name, causing customers to take their business to the competition.

Businesses that effectively and continuously train their agents and focus their attention on providing superior customer service reap great benefits, especially in the all-important areas of reputation, customer loyalty and brand advocacy. Call center agents are oftentimes the voice of a company, so it is important to continuously monitor agent performance.

Many businesses that use contact centers implement call monitoring software to enhance agent performance and to better interpret customer desires. Speech analytics or “audio mining” technology is often incorporated into a call center monitoring system. This enables company management to locate and examine specific instances where customer service agents do not adhere to the script provided or receive customer complaints that need further attention. This, in part, allows trainers to build a knowledge base that can be used to better prepare agents for the wide variety of situations that they may encounter.

The first step in any service recovery endeavor is to admit mistakes and errors and take full responsibility for what occurred. This will often disarm the disgruntled customer to some degree and allow the agent the opportunity to turn the situation to a positive experience for the customer. . At that point, company representatives can go about the business of doing whatever it takes to quickly resolve the issue.

Start Hearing What Your Customers Are Saying

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