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Call Quality Monitoring Helps Maximize Agent Performance

agent using call sentiment analysis

Unless a business caters to a “niche” market or otherwise carries some type of specialty product, there are countless other companies with similar offerings. With so many choices available, businesses should know what sets them apart. More specifically, what is it about one product or service that makes consumers prefer one company over another.

Yes, there are certainly differences in product quality from one company to the next, although they can be subtle. But all things being relatively equal, the level of customer service a business provides will oftentimes be the deciding factor that makes consumers choose one company over another.

Call Center Recording Enhances Customer Service

Customers desire to feel unique and be well-cared-for. They also want to know that their needs and inquiries are not only being thoroughly addressed, but followed up on by conscientious customer service personnel. Thus, companies that best facilitate customer “TLC” have an edge over their competition.

Keep in mind these recent statistics:

  • Poor customer experiences result in an estimated $83 Billion loss by US enterprises each year because of defections and abandoned purchases.
  • 89% of consumers began doing business with a competitor following a poor customer experience.
  • 86% of consumers will pay more for a better customer experience.

Realizing the critical nature of effective customer care and how it can positively contribute to the “bottom line,” great strides have been taken in recent years to increase customer service efficiency. Until recently, only large enterprises, contact centers and government agencies could afford call recording with speech analytics. However, recent advancements in speech analytics technology provide access to customer conversations for small to medium-sized businesses.

Call Quality Monitoring is Down to a Science

Incorporating speech analytics software into a call center recording and monitoring system automates the once-cumbersome analysis process. You can monitor customer input, feedback, complaints and suggestions. CallFinder makes it more affordable than large customer satisfaction research programs.

Call center analytics systems collect, measure, track, organize, and disseminate information gleaned from customer conversations. This results in the streamlining of processes and a reduction in repetitive or unnecessary calls.

Additionally, managers can meticulously monitor agent performance with scorecards. This not only improves agent effectiveness and phone skills, but it also allows management to develop more focused and comprehensive approaches to agent training.

Customer satisfaction is the key to the success and good reputation of any organization, and the latest automated call quality monitoring systems, such as CallFinder’s solution, are designed to fortify this all-important aspect.

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