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Call Mining: From Trend to Mainstay

agent using call mining technology

Emerging innovations in cloud-based technology have provided the world with countless ways to communicate. Now more commonly known as speech analytics, call mining software provide users with a number of benefits, including automated call monitoring to improve agent performance and the customer experience.

However, the benefits of speech analytics now have a much farther reach. Countless businesses and BPOs implement this technology to improve their services. Due to its versatility and many benefits, call mining has become a mainstay in the corporate world. Here is a quick overview of this technology and how it can improve business processes across all departments.

What is Call Mining?

Call mining simply refers to software that identifies certain words and phrases within recorded calls. Standard phrases for entrepreneurs or customer care centers include phrases like “callback,” “I don’t know,” and “billing,” etc. However, organizations can customize this technology in many ways. For example, if you have a large organization, then you can implement different call mining programs in various departments.

Call mining technology sorts the keywords in recorded call transcriptions. Perhaps the biggest benefit of this software is that it saves time for users because it scans hundreds of calls with in seconds. Moreover, the automated process minimizes human involvement, thus decreasing the risk of errors.

Organizations use audio mining for various purposes, such as analyzing the incoming call traffic to identify the most frequently asked questions and problems. This technology provides an easy and cost effective means of improving consumer services. Entrepreneurs can also use this innovation to pinpoint areas of weakness in customer service and rectify them before they become a serious issue.

Call Mining Applications

Here are some of the many applications of call mining software:

1. Technical Assistance

Speech analytics software assists customers care departments in resolving customer concerns in an organized way. During agent training, managers use this technology to show customer care representatives how to properly handle calls with examples from other agent calls. Improving call scripts is another common use of call mining technology.

2. Categorize Calls

Business owners can filter calls and categorize them using automated features. For example, calls which contain specified keywords like “problem” and “issue” can be categorized as complaint calls. This allows managers to generate customized call reports with number of feedback calls, complaints, and positive response calls.

3. Information Gathering

Audio mining software can also be programmed to identify the words and phrases most frequently used in broadcasts and news. This keeps entrepreneurs informed about the constantly varying dynamics of the business world. With this feature, an organization can improve customer interactions while strengthening business terms.

4. Understand Consumer Expectations

Most frequently used keywords allow businesses to understand various aspects of the consumer market. Many businesses use this type of technology to improve business strategies, products, and services to meet the needs of their customers and provide an excellent experience every time.

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