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Build Customer Relationships with Speech Analytics


The company-customer relationship is certainly not a simple one.  It is complex and multifaceted with a lot of moving parts.   Capturing your customers’ conversations provides you with a wealth of knowledge – also known as business intelligence – to better understand your position in the market, understand your customers’ preferences, and stay ahead of the competition.

Nearly every facet of a business can benefit from real-time call recording and automatic mining of conversations for everything from understanding which marketing campaigns are generating and retaining customers, assessing the customers’ wants and needs, to monitoring for competitive intelligence to gain an edge in the market.

Recording and mining your calls with a speech analytics solution will help your business:

  1. Quickly locate satisfied or disappointed customers.
  2. Identify coaching and training opportunities for front line employees.
  3. Optimize operational efficiencies and improve productivity.
  4. Assess business drivers, like promotions and advertising campaigns.
  5. Analyze audio recordings for competitive intelligence.
  6. Monitor script compliance by sales and customer service staffs.

Technology that allows you to identify key conversations and automatically categorize them by specific business challenges further enhances the ability to record and the speed to listen to those conversations.

A simple and affordable speech analytics solution built for small to medium-sized businesses is available.   You still have time in 2012 to implement a customer-facing technology and start mining your call data for company-specific keywords and phrases with an automated search tool, and start addressing these six common business challenges to improve operational efficiencies.


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