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Benefits of Using Cloud-based Speech Analytics Technology to Mine Calls


If you’re researching a new speech analytics / audio mining solution, there are several delivery methods to consider; cloud-based and software with hardware technologies.

Software with hardware solutions require a lot of manual management to implement and maintain, along with considerable capital investment.

On the flip side, cloud-based solutions offer many benefits, from lower financial investments, real-time data, with faster processing times.

Here is a short list of the benefits of implementing a cloud-based solution. Compare this to purchasing software and hardware solutions and see which is the better option for you.

Benefits of Cloud-based Speech Analytics Technology:

  1. Real-time automated listening to 100% of call recordings
  2. No software or hardware investment
  3. Simple, intuitive web-based interfaces
  4. Affordable monthly investment
  5. Ability to react quicker to problems and opportunities
  6. Access to 100% of the calls to mine for the keywords and phrases that matter

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