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All About Audio Mining


How mining software works and what are its applications

Have you ever wondered how consumers’ calls can help you track your business, your employees, the customer experience? With software programs, you can extract extremely important information from the audio recordings of those conversations. One such software tool is call mining, also known as audio mining or speech analytics. Due to its effectiveness and positive influence on business productivity, the call monitoring solution has become a craze in the business world. From start-ups to complex multi-national organizations, businesses are using audio mining software to provide consumers with improved services and experiences.

How Call Mining Software Works?


Audio/voice mining software is an intelligent technique to compute the occurrences of a specific word or phrase in a particular audio message. The software consists of two algorithms. The first algorithm is designed to identify the phonemes present in a voice message, while the second algorithm is designed to compute the number of times these words have been repeated in the conversation. Both of these software modules are integrated together to serve the purpose of a real time computational tool for processing hundreds of voice messages in a very short period. Call mining is an innovative tool designed for converting the raw information contained in the consumers’ calls into useful data. This data can be used for generating business productivity reports and provide entrepreneurs an opportunity to use the original message of consumers as tool for improving services.

Where Call Mining Tools can be applied?

Contrary to the perception that call mining is only useful for call centers, every business organization can implement this tool. Here are some of the applications of call mining:

  • Customized Search– It is time taking and frustrating to manually search for a particular voice message among hundreds of call recordings. With call mining software you can create searches around specific key words and phrases. This will not only help you in quickly sorting and automatically categorizing calls, but also help you track market and business trends based on what callers are searching for when speaking with your business.
  • Categorize– you can easily classify consumers call into different categories depend in the message they contain. For example, you can sort the calls containing the word “problem” or “issue” excessively and mark them as complaints. This will help you in pinpointing the areas of flaws and rectifying them in a timely manner.
  • Quality Control– Call mining provides entrepreneurs an opportunity to automate the process of quality control. They can monitor the performance of customer care representatives to make sure that they are providing consumers with satisfactory services and dealing the clients in a way they are supposed to do.

While you can purchase the premium version of the software from a vendor, but a wiser decision is to subscribe to a toll free service provider which offers audio mining software. It will not only allow you to implement mining software in your organization, but also provide you an opportunity to promote your business.

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