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5 Ways to Use Speech Analytics Beyond the Contact Center


An automated quality monitoring solution with speech analytics has proven its worth in the contact center. Speech analytics technology improves both agent performance and customer experience with automated tools, such as call transcriptions, sentiment analysis, agent scorecards, and more. But the contact center isn’t the only place where companies can apply the insights provided by speech analytics.

Practically every department in any business can take advantage of these insights to improve the customer experience and revenue. Here are just five of those departments.

1. Increase Sales Rates

Speech analytics can assist sales teams by boosting conversion rates using call transcriptions to identify phrases that have helped close deals. And sentiment analysis allows them to see when customers are more open to cross and up-sell opportunities. This information helps sales reps move prospects more quickly through the pipeline and turn them into customers.

2. Improve Marketing Campaigns

Businesses invest a lot of money into advertising campaigns, so they want to be sure they are effective. With speech analytics, it’s easier to see which specific campaigns brought in customers, and which tactics got the best results. This helps marketing departments determine the best strategies to use in the future to ensure success.

3. Enhance New Product Development

Creating products that align with what customers want can be challenging. Is there any way to know they’re hitting the mark? Call transcriptions with sentiment analysis can uncover what customers want so that product development teams can create products that will truly resonate with customers. They’ll hit the mark every time with a speech analytics solution.

4. Avoid Legal Complications

For heavily regulated industries, one misstep can cost thousands of dollars in regulation and/or litigation fees. Because of this, their legal departments must be vigilant of any non-compliance issues. Automated scorecards make it easy to score agents on script compliance to quickly identify errant employees, and coach them to get them back on track.

5. Discover Better Hiring Practices

Speech analytics can also assist human resources departments when qualifying candidates for open positions. By pre-determining the parameters used during the interviewing process, it’s easier to filter out the candidates who do not match those requirements. As a result, analyzing the content of conversations with candidates expedites the hiring process.

These are just some examples of how speech analytics can benefit an entire organization. When different departments have access to the Voice of the Customer, departmental silos are broken down, leading to improved inter-communication. And when departments work better together, the customer journey is a whole lot smoother.

Speech Analytics: It’s not just for contact centers, anymore!

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