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Call Mining: A New Trend in Telecommunications

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Emerging innovations in telecommunications have provided the world with seamless means of communication. The latest advancement is the combination of intelligent cloud-based technology that is designed to provide users with a number of benefits like call monitoring, analytics, and call tracking at the same time.

One such innovation of telecommunication software programs is audio mining. A number of business owners and customer care service providers are implementing this technology to improve their services. Due to its countless benefits, call mining has become a craze in the corporate world. Here is a quick overview of this technology from the perspective of the business world:

What is Call Mining?

Call mining simply refers to a software program designed to identify certain words and phrases which are present in its keywords list. Standard programs designed for entrepreneurs or customer care centers include phrases like “callback”, “I don’t know”, and “billing” etc. However, these programs can be designed in a customized way. For example, if you have a large organization, then you can implement different call mining programs in various departments.

Call mining is used to sort the stored keywords in the recorded call messages. The software program is designed to provide users with the ease of scanning hundreds of calls with in seconds. Moreover, the automated operation minimizes human involvement, thus decreasing the risk of errors.

Organizations use audio mining for various purposes like analyzing the incoming call traffic to identify the most frequently asked questions and problems. This technology provides an easy and cost effective means of improving consumers’ services. Entrepreneurs can also use this innovation to pinpoint the areas of weakness and rectifying them at early stages.

Promising Applications

Following are some of the many applications of implementing call mining software:

1. Technical Assistance

Voice mining software programs can assist customers care department to resolve issues of consumers in an organized way. During the business days, this technology reduces the risk of missed calls. Using call mining feature, customers care representatives can target this area of concern.

2. Categorize Calls

Business owners can filter calls and categorize them using audio mining feature. For example, calls which contain specified keywords like “problem”, and “issue” can be categorized as complaint calls. This allows entrepreneurs to generate customized call reports with number of feedback calls, complaints, and positive response calls.

3. Information Gathering

Audio mining software can also be programmed to identify the words and phrases most frequently used in broadcasts and news. This keeps entrepreneurs informed about the constantly varying dynamics of the business world. With this feature, an organization cannot only have improved interaction with consumers, but it can also strengthen business terms.

4. Understand Consumers Expectations

Most frequently used keywords allow entrepreneurs to understand various aspects of consumers’ market. They can plan more efficient business strategies than ever for improving their products and services to meet the needs of their customers, and to provide optimal customer experiences every time.

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