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Collect Competitive and Market Intelligence with Speech Analytics

February 01, 2013 by Morgan Pulitzer - Last Updated: July 21, 2022

Continuing with our theme of addressing the common business challenges that companies of all sizes and industries face, today we’re going to focus on how just by recording calls and analyzing them for data, businesses can capture competitive and market intelligence just by listening to their customers, monitoring trends. All this data can help businesses adjust their marketing strategies to overcome these challenges.

The seven common challenges

  1. Improve Customer Satisfaction
  2. Optimize Internal Processes and Cost Saving Opportunities
  3. Collect Competitive and Market Intelligence
  4. Measure Marketing Effectiveness
  5. Mitigate Causes of Attrition
  6. Build and Confirm Customer Data
  7. Ensure Script Compliance

In fact, many of our customers use speech analytics to react to the competitive intelligence on a regular basis based on what their callers are telling them about competitor pricing information in their local market. This helps their business stay in tune with their market so they remain competitive. Check out our case studies here, and contact us today to take a tour of our cloud-based speech analytics solution.

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