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Case Studies

Proven Results From Speech Analytics

Many facets of your business can benefit from call recording and search capabilities that give you the ability to mine the audio of your recorded conversations to capture the customer experience. Don’t take our word for it though − read through the case studies listed below and at the right, and hear what our customers have to say!

Maker of Home Care Products for Seniors Uses Call Recording With Speech Analytics to Improve Call Center Performance

CallFinder easily identifies agent script compliance, training opportunities, and customer objections

  • Discover customer objections and address through agent coaching initiatives.
  • Monitor specific script transition times to measure how successful each agent is at following the proven script triggers that almost guarantee a scheduled appointment.
  • Monitor calls for key questions that agents are required to ask in order to comply with TCPA regulations.
  • Segment callers who are renting their homes, versus calls coming in from home owners.
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National Tubs Company Uses Speech Analytics to Improve Training & Client Experience

  • Improve Script Compliance & Workforce Training Programs:
    • Monitor agents’ use of the company mandated script, as well as adherence to recent script changes.
    • Identify instances of non-compliance, or where no appointment is set, to retrain agents who are not following the new script.
  • Gain Business Intelligence & Improve the Client Experience:
    • Categorize calls by inquiry type, and collect statistics on the frequency of client inquiries about insurance programs and benefits, including Veterans Affairs, Medicare, and Medicaid.
    • Identify pricing inquiries and agent responses.
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Career College Saves Time, Resources with CallFinder Speech Analytics Technology

  • identify need for call followups
  • reduce admin time for followup calls
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