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Call Center Optimization with Speech Analytics is As Important As Ever

January 11, 2013 by Morgan Pulitzer

The multiplicity of ways in which customers seek to have their problems resolved and their questions answered is more daunting than ever. At the same time, customers are armed with social media to broadcast their experiences, good and bad, to an ever wider audience. Therefore, it is incumbent upon any company to find innovative ways to smooth that interface between caller and call center agent. It is vital for both customer satisfaction and employee retention.

Review these developments in call center optimization to assure that your call center is equipped with every modern tool that is feasible:

Targeted Live Chat Assistance

Quality and productivity can be better balanced in the call center with proactive efforts designed to understand what a customer is looking for on a company’s website in real time. Armed with that knowledge, an agent can step in with live chat assistance that is efficient and appropriate.

Today’s customers are increasingly web savvy. As a result, they are increasingly impatient with being forced to access information by phone that they believe they can get quicker with a simple web search. Live chat assistance during the perusal of a website can streamline this process and offer a clear way to measure the success of the customer’s online experience.

Call Recording and Speech Analysis

Real-time speech analytics and voice analysis technology can assess customer satisfaction, agent performance on the calls, identify employee training opportunities, and provide a wealth of valuable data that can be extracted from call recordings by building simple keyword searches.   These tools have many benefits for business with in-house contact and call centers, as well as for stand-alone call centers.   Call center monitoring applications like speech analytics will help a business:

Social Media Monitoring

Despite Facebook’s initial and continued dominance, the social media landscape is still very dynamic and fluid. Some companies are assigning certain staff to do nothing but monitor social media developments as they pertain to their enterprise. The company-specific expertise generated can inform call center management as to needed adjustments and updates.

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