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Audio Mining vs. Speech Analytics

November 29, 2012 by Morgan Pulitzer - Last Updated: August 05, 2022

Audio mining and speech analytics is essentially the same technology; some companies refer to the service as one or the other. Audio mining – also known as speech analytics – is a sophisticated call recording and monitoring technology that embraces keyword, phonetic or transcription technologies to extract insights from prerecorded voice streams. Companies use these insights to categorize and classify calls based on a wide range of goals, trigger alerts and workflow processes, and drive operational and employee performance across the business.

Use Cases for Speech Analytics

The uses of a call monitoring system are endless. Basically, any department within a company can use the technology to find key insights and areas that may need improvement. Speech analytics does this by delivering insights on key performance indicators specific to your needs. Call monitoring searches can be customized to focus on pinpointing only the calls that are relevant to a specific department for any size business.

For example, a Customer Service Manager may want to monitor their agents’ conversations with customers to measure satisfaction levels and upsell skills, and the Sales and Marketing departments may want to monitor customer conversations for market intelligence by zeroing in on calls that mention competitors, thus letting them keep a finger on trends and promotions that are out in the market. Or, the marketing department can monitor which products or services are being asked about most often, and can therefore adjust marketing strategies to focus on the revenue-producing products.

Other key uses for a speech analytics solution include:

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