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CallFinder is the leading automated quality monitoring solution for call centers and contact centers.

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Cloud-Based Speech Analytics For Call Centers & Contact Centers

Excellent customer service is often the key to improving and growing your business. But it's often difficult to know where you stand with customers when manually monitoring thousands of calls. With CallFinder's speech analytics technology, you can easily record and monitor every call center call to assess agent performance, monitor script compliance, evaluate the customer experience, and hear customer interactions first-hand without hiring more staff.


CallFinder Speech Analytics in the call center

CallFinder improves employee behavior and performance in a way that directly impacts Customer Satisfaction.

Automated Scorecards

Automated Scorecards

CallFinder’s real-time speech analytics solution will automatically categorize calls according to the search definitions you set up, which can be specific to business objectives, or organized by specific employees or departments within your organization. Create automated scorecards to track individual agent and agent team performance, consistently, and accurately.
Contact Center Compliance
Customer Experience

Customer Experience

Speech analytics is critical to monitoring the frontline of communications with your customers. CallFinder’s powerful call analytics solution is designed to help companies address customer service quality within their organizations, while also providing actionable analysis necessary to build better tools and training programs for their call center agents.
Customer Experience Management
Case Studies

Case Studies

If you are looking to gain business intelligence, increase company (or department) revenues, control costs, or diminish overall risk, then recording and analyzing incoming calls is the most affordable and efficient way of closing these knowledge gaps. CallFinder will help your business gain insights and apply context to key performance metrics and business goals.
CallFinder Case Studies

Learn How to Augment Your Quality Assurance Processes in 15 Minutes

CallFinder transcribes and analyzes every call that comes through your contact center to uncover conversational trends and customer insights to improve contact center performance and the customer experience. Learn how when you sign up for a 15-minute tour of the CallFinder solution.
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