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Cloud-based Speech Analytics for Your Call Center

Excellent customer service is often the key to improving and growing your business. With CallFinder speech analytics technology, you can easily and affordably monitor the incoming calls and agent-customer conversations to assess agent performance, agent script compliance, evaluate the customer experience, and hear customer interactions first-hand.

CallFinder’s real-time speech analytics solution will automatically categorize calls according to the search definitions you set up, which can be specific to business objectives, or organized by specific employees or departments within your organization. Create search definitions and call categories based on any parameters unique to your business needs. You can also create automated scorecards to track individual agent and agent team performance, consistently and accurately.

The opportunities to capture, monitor, and analyze unquantifiable data with speech analytics are endless. Learn more.

Using Speech Analytics in the Call Center

Speech analytics is critical to monitoring the frontline of communications with your customers. CallFinder’s powerful call analytics solution is designed to help companies address customer service quality within their organizations, while also providing actionable analysis necessary to build better tools and training programs for their call center agents.

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Common uses of speech analytics technology:

  • Monitoring the customer experience, improving retention, reducing churn
  • Searches and call categorization will automatically uncover poorly handled calls, common customer complaints, and identify specific agent knowledge gaps, allowing managers to quickly identify areas that need process improvements and coaching focus.

  • Extracting business intelligence
  • CallFinder’s speech analytics technology allows you to assess overall customer satisfaction, uncover product insights and trends in the market, and it provides insights into your top competitors’ latest promotions and sales tactics. Having this knowledge empowers companies to adjust marketing campaigns and strategies to overcome the threat of competition and respond to marketplace demands.

  • Monitoring agent script compliance
  • When call center agents do not follow a mandated script or business process, it often leads to customer dissatisfaction and inefficiency, putting your business at risk, particularly in highly regulated industries.

  • Developing effective call center employee training programs
  • Custom searches allow companies to pinpoint calls in which a customer-facing employee has been successful at saving a customer that called to cancel, or find calls where an employee has gone off-script. These insights can help a company develop and adjust internal training programs to address a wide variety of agent-customer scenarios.

  • Resolving disputes
  • Revealing common phrases that go hand-in-hand with account cancellation gives businesses the ability to identify recurring objections and reasons associated with customers wishing to cancel a service or purchase. This knowledge provides clear insights to justify shifts in marketing strategy, key messaging, pricing strategies, and changes that may be necessary to corporate training and support programs, ultimately lowering the number of customer disputes and cancellations.

  • Reduce costs, increase revenue
  • Speech analytics improves efficiency by monitoring and categorizing every incoming call in its entirety, which reduces overhead and increases revenue. High volume, long duration, and repeat calls give indications of potential methods for lowering average call handling times, improving first call resolution performance, and identifying causes for long duration calls. These insights can save agent time and company money.

Get Started Using Call Recording and Speech Analytics in Your Contact Center

If you are looking to gain business intelligence, increase company (or department) revenues, control costs, or diminish overall risk, then recording and analyzing incoming calls is the most affordable and efficient way of closing these knowledge gaps.

CallFinder will help your business gain insights and apply context to key performance metrics like:

  • AHT – Average Handle Time
  • CSAT – Customer Satisfaction scores
  • CES – Competitive intelligence
  • FCR – First Call Resolution rates
  • NPS – Net Promoter Scores
  • Call Conversion Rates

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