Call Center Optimization: Success is Achieved One Caller at a Time
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Call Center Optimization: Success is Achieved One Caller at a Time

September 18, 2012 by Morgan Pulitzer

Competition is fierce in the world of commerce, with businesses vying for customers using multiple advertising and marketing methods in order to attract and retain business. Building a loyal customer base while continually drawing in new clients and prospects is the goal of most companies, and outstanding customer service can make the difference.

The Call Center Factor

A number of studies estimate that roughly 70 percent of customers would make additional purchases from a company as a result of positive customer service experiences. This speaks rather loudly to the level of importance that customers place on the care they receive during contact with the representatives of a business.

This has not been lost on most companies using call center services as the “gateway” to their business. In fact, call centers have become an area of acute focus in recent years. Contact center technology has evolved to the point where the discourse between customers and call center personnel can be meticulously analyzed for valuable information and insight.

Various call monitoring systems are employed to assist in this process. This includes call monitoring software, call recording software and speech analytics software, all which are widely used these days. These programs can be installed and implemented separately, or work in conjunction with each other to improve customer service, agent performance and overall call center efficiency.

Through the use of contact center technology, performance and quality metrics can be gathered for purposes that include:

  • Increasing proficiency in the area of conflict resolution
  • Devising better customer relationship strategies
  • Optimizing scheduling and workforce management endeavors
  • Minimizing costs while maximizing productivity

All of these behind-the-scenes efforts translate into a vastly improved contact center experience for the existing or potential customer. When each caller is treated with the utmost care and respect, increased customer loyalty, greater retention rates and a strengthened reputation will follow.

Learn more about call center technology by downloading this white paper on the Seven Business Challenges You Can Overcome by Recording and Monitoring Customer Conversations, or contact a CallFinder Specialist at 1-800-639-1700.