Managing (and monitoring) the Customer Experience You Deliver
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Managing (and monitoring) the Customer Experience You Deliver

August 16, 2012 by Morgan Pulitzer

I just read this great article about managing the customer experience.

It got me thinking about the most effective ways to do that, and how a company goes about getting a handle on what the current customer experience is that they are delivering, where improvements may be needed, and then monitoring the customer experience after analysis and implementation of fixes.

Getting a Handle on the Current Customer Experience:

In order to fully understand the experiences your customers are having with your sales and customer service people, and overall with your company, you have to be conducting some type of call monitoring.   Manually listening to call recordings to get a sense of how customers are interacting with your business is one way to do this, but it’s a labor-intensive, time consuming way.   There is technology available to businesses of all sizes that will record and scan recorded calls in real time, looking for keywords and phrases.   The ability to locate key phrases in customer conversations provides a much more powerful benefit than working with a typical call recording service.   And, with a speech analytics solution in place, you will have a much better, and faster, chance of getting a handle on the customer experience you are currently delivering.

Making Improvements to the Customer Experience:

Once you know how a customer interacts with your sales and customer service agents, you can identify the areas that may need improvements.   This will help you develop a better training program for employees, help with script development, and improve the efficiency with which you provide service to your customers, and that means reduced costs, risks, and improved revenues.

Monitoring the Improved Customer Experience for Results:

After you make changes to the training programs for your sales and CS departments, and you’ve implemented improved call handling procedures, the experience you deliver to customers is bound to improve, and you’ll see those improvements’ direct impact on the company’s bottom line.   Continue using recording and speech analytics technology to mine your calls for keywords and phrases and you’ll start to see an upward trend of happy, satisfied customers.

For more on speech analtyics technology, and how it works to improve the customer experience, review other articles here, or contact CallFinder for a free demo.