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Call Center Recording Strengthens Customer Relationships

August 21, 2012 by Morgan Pulitzer - Last Updated: August 05, 2022

Companies of all sizes are using automated quality monitoring software in their contact centers. Call monitoring is common practice and a great way to enhance agent training programs, increase efficiency, and gather business intelligence. The competition in the world of commerce is more intense than ever before, and because the customer experience can make or break a company’s success, many businesses are now looking for efficient ways to improve interactions in the call center.

The Personal Touch

Adding a personal touch to the customer experience is easy with the right data, which you can gather from call monitoring and call recording software. Performance metrics give management the opportunity to generate reports and “look inside the numbers” to evaluate agent performance in areas such as call answering times, call handling times, and idle times.

But from a qualitative standpoint, call monitoring and recording tools are extremely useful when helping managers and decision-makers understand the behaviors, attitudes, and perspectives of existing and potential customers. As influential as statistical analysis surrounding call center activities may be, the importance of the actual discourse between the customer and the company representative goes well beyond the numbers.

With hundreds, and in the case of larger companies, thousands of inbound calls being attended to each day, it is unrealistic to think that every call can be analyzed individually by call center management. However, speech analytics offers many benefits. This includes isolating potentially negative calls, especially calls in which customers made recommendations or voiced dissatisfaction with a product or service.

Getting to The Heart of an Issue

Sometimes the best way for management to get to the heart of an issue, whether it involves a product, a process, or agent performance, is to actually listen to the call. This makes it easy to determine the tone and true intent of the caller, not to mention the effectiveness of the agent in facilitating the call. Not only does this give company personnel key insight into how to improve processes and increase agent competency, but it also allows them to develop a better feel for what the customer desires, and what it will take to make the experiences of future callers more positive.

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