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Together, we offer innovative solutions to businesses that operate small and medium-sized contact centers, and who need technology to help them work efficiently and profitably. CallFinder will help your clients:

  • Gain visibility into the voice of their customers
  • Monitor agent script and regulatory compliance
  • Enhance workforce training
  • Manage quality monitoring
  • Analyze and improve business processes
  • Discover revenue opportunities

If you have questions about CallFinder and our call categorization and scoring features, or would like to schedule a demonstration of CallFinder’s speech analytics and automated call scoring platform with one of your clients, please do not hesitate to contact a CallFinder Speech Analytics Specialist. Here’s to a successful strategic partnership!

The CallFinder Team

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The Welcome Package provides detail on CallFinder’s speech analytics solution with call quality monitoring and scoring features, including:

  • CallFinder’s Product Overview
  • Security Protocols
  • Business Applications for CallFinder Speech Analytics
  • Automated Quality Monitoring Business Case
  • And more!

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