Speech Analytics Solutions

CallFinder has become one of the nation’s top speech analytics vendors by selling the best speech analytics software available. By selling and supporting the best speech analyzer around, CallFinder helps business of all sizes and in all industries succeed and grow.

Before you choose a software system to record your calls, it’s important that you perform a speech analytics vendor comparison. When you’re comparing speech analytics vendors, look at more than just their technology. Look at how the vendors support their systems and the training they provide, as well. In order to get the most out of a speech analytics system, you have to know how to use it, after all, so the training and support a company provides are just as important as the system itself.

Speech Analytics Software System By CallFinder

One of the things that makes CallFinder stand out from the competition is the training we provide. When you get a speech analytics software system from us, you’ll enjoy one-on-one training and support from a dedicated speech analytics specialist.

Your speech analytics specialist will help you outline the goals you want to achieve with our technology. Your specialist will also make sure you know how to use your system’s speech analytics tools so you can get the maximum number of benefits from your system.

Put simply, working with CallFinder is different than working with any other speech analytics company because our systems are:

Affordable. Flexible. Easy to Use.

We’re also different from our competitors because we’ll continue to provide training and support for however long you have your CallFinder speech analytics software system.

Speech Analytics Provides Business Insights

Once you’ve chosen the system and company you want to work with, you’ll be able to use your system to gain valuable insights you can act on to increase your bottom line, streamline your customer service and improve your operational processes. Some common problems that call centers grapple with are inefficient calls, unhappy customers and missed sales opportunities. A speech analytics software system can help you resolve these issues as you grow your business.

Your speech analytics system can identify calls that have long periods of silence, which gives you the chance to identify and fix the problems that are causing calls to be inefficient. Speech analytics tools can also identify calls that have language or acoustics that indicate your customers are unhappy. You can segment these calls and determine the keywords and phrases that identify the reasons people are upset. Your system will help you avoid missing out on sales because the data it provides will enable you to target your offers more precisely.

Your speech analytics system can also provide insights you can use in sales, marketing and compliance. You can also use your system to monitor how different groups respond to your sales offers and marketing messages. Since you can monitor every call that comes into your business, you can make sure your agents are complying with your scripts as well as industry regulations. This capability can not only help you increase your sales, but may also help you avoid having to pay fines due to consumer complaints.

If you’re ready to get some valuable insights into your business and customer base, call CallFinder to learn more about our scalable speech analytics software systems today.