Even though manufacturers deal with other businesses, rather than directly with consumers, monitoring your employee performance on those calls is critical to sales and business success.

We work with a wide range of businesses, including those that manufacture large-scale equipment to those that produce consumer goods, to help them gain a deeper understanding of their sales process, and the customer experience. The insights they are able to capture within their agent-customer interactions is valuable and critical to their success.

How CallFinder Supports Manufacturing Businesses

CallFinder’s technology consists of cloud-based speech analytics, call categorization, and call scoring, along with a user-friendly dashboard and easy-to-access reports that provide near real-time call analysis for small to mid-sized businesses for quick and accurate analysis to support strategic business decisions.

Manufacturing Businesses Use Speech Analytics To:

CallFinder’s Automated Solution Delivers Accurate, Detailed Performance Statistics On Every Debt Collection Agent

Monitor the customer experience, improve retention, reduce churn

Searches and call categorization will automatically uncover poorly handled calls, common customer complaints, and identify specific agent knowledge gaps, allowing you to quickly pinpoint areas of employee training that need improvement.

Monitor agent compliance

We’re all human. Your agents will not have call handling success 100 percent of the time. Failure of agents to follow a script can lead to customer dissatisfaction, process inefficiency, and could put your business at risk, particularly if you operate in a regulated world.CallFinder will help you monitor script compliance among your team, as well as score individuals and team performance, based on the custom criteria you indicate.

Reduce costs, increase revenue

Using speech analytics to identify the content of calls improves efficiency by monitoring and categorizing every incoming call in its entirety and therefore reducing costs and increasing revenues. High volume, long duration, and repeat calls give indications of potential methods for decreasing average call handling times, ways of improving first call resolution performance, and the ability to identify causes for long duration calls that can save agent time and company money.

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