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Apply Speech Analytics to Any Business Challenge

Businesses of all sizes and throughout all industries, including call centers and contact centers, can access and extract critical business insights contained in the conversations taking place between employees, agents, and their customers.
CallFinder works with small to medium sized organizations to help them develop and reach their business objectives by gaining insight into the most valuable asset they have – the voice of their customers and their agents and employees.

Our powerful and affordable voice analytics solutions empower your business to capture the content, and analyze the context, of unquantifiable voice data, which gives direct and automated access to how your agents are performing, what the customer is experiencing, and changes to make to processes to improve performance of your agents, employees, and your business.

Companies that use speech analytics technology report that they are able to identify areas of coaching and training opportunities to help guide their employees and agents. This allows agents to improve their performance, thus improving the customer experience at the same time.

Combining agent performance management with metrics on hold times, transfers, and other systematic data can provide a complete picture of where improvements should be made.
Use CallFinder to monitor and improve the following business challenges:

  1. Automated Quality Monitoring
  2. Customer Experience Management
  3. Marketing Effectiveness
  4. Regulatory & Risk Compliance
  5. Sales Effectiveness
  6. Agent Script Compliance

Extract Important Business Performance Metrics with CallFinder

By automatically monitoring your recorded agent-customer conversations you’ll have access to call center reporting metrics like:

  • Agent productivity and performance.
  • Average call handling times.
  • Call abandon rates, when a customer hangs up before the issue is resolved.
  • Call conversion rates.
  • Call transfer rates.
  • Call wait times.
  • Cost per call.
  • First call resolution rates.
  • Script compliance by agent.
  • Up-sell and Cross-sell rates.

Performance metrics that CallFinder customers have discovered, acted on, and improved with a speech analytics solution include:

  • 59% increase to inbound lead conversion rates through performance discovery and new employee training and coaching efforts.
  • 100% compliance with federal TCPA regulations, and reduction in litigation risk by monitoring script compliance.

Learn how other businesses use speech analytics technology to improve business performance and capture the customer experience by reading a few practical business case studies here.