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October 20, 2020 by Ashley Watson

Benefit Communication Insourcing (BCI) Manages Compliance with CallFinder

Benefit Communication Firm Improves Agent Compliance & Training With Automated Call Scorecards

Client Profile:

Benefit Communication Insourcing (BCI) provides long-term benefit administration and communication support for their clients’ HR teams, enrolling both new and existing client employees into a comprehensive package of benefits. The enrollment process is conducted over the phone. The company’s main goal is for every employee to walk away from a benefits review, held with a Benefit Specialist, with a complete understanding of the benefits their employer offers, and that they feel great about the package they’ve signed up for. BCI has provided customized benefit communication and administrative services to over 400,000 individual employees in the United States.

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“With CallFinder in place, we have increased the efficiency of our call reviews and how we explain the benefits. The Call Center Supervisors and Managers now have a tool at their disposal to maintain high standards of quality and compliance.”