QA Best Practices White Paper

QA Best Practices

Learn how to ensure quality assurance best practices with a speech analytics and call scoring solution. Monitor 100% of calls by automatically searching for key phrases within recorded customer calls. Improve agent training, ensure script compliance, get marketing insights, and guarantee customer satisfaction. Get your free copy now!

White Paper Highlights:

  • See why speech analytics is more cost-effective than manual call monitoring.
  • Learn how to use automated scorecards and reporting to improve agent training.
  • Learn how to gain customer insights to boost referrals and brand loyalty.
  • See how QA Managers boost contact center performance with the right tools.
  • Learn how to score agents to ensure compliance, reduce wait times, and more!

Hear From Our Customers

“CallFinder’s speech analytics solution allows us to score 100% of our enrollment calls, and we have raised the quality of nearly every call conducted, with the same size QA department. One of the biggest benefits of working with CallFinder is their client support team…they spent hours listening to our needs in order to develop solutions specifically for us, which says a lot about their commitment to serving their clients.”

– Sam Wilkerson, Quality Assurance Manager at BCInsourcing

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