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Automate time-consuming quality assurance tasks with highly accurate transcriptions and off-the-shelf analytics, including sentiment, emotion, silence, and overtalk - all within one easy dashboard.

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Transform Customer Interactions into Actions

CallFinder View delivers searchable transcripts of your customer interactions, along with sentiment analysis and silence detection – all directly within CallFinder's user-friendly dashboard. Quickly uncover trends with an ad hoc search for specific phrases in your calls, or use sentiment analysis to understand the true voice of the customer. Transform customer interactions into actionable data to inform business strategies and elevate the customer experience.
Product Overview

Quality Management essentials

CallFinder View automates quality management so that you can quickly address challenges in the contact center.

Call Transcriptions

Automatically formatted transcripts provide a speech-to-text output that’s intelligible and easy to review.

Sentiment Insights

Gain a visual analysis of the sentiment and tone within every transcribed call to understand customer attitudes.

Silence Detection

Segment calls with too much silence or overtalk to identify training gaps & common customer pain points.

Understanding Sentiment & Emotion

CallFinder View includes an Insights dashboard that calculates the overall sentiment rating for every agent-customer interaction, ranging from strongly positive to strongly negative. The metrics extracted from Insights help uncover “dissatisfaction” language to quickly reveal why customers are upset and train call center employees accordingly to mitigate future occurrences.

Understanding the overall sentiment and emotion within conversations gives you an accurate view into customer attitudes as they relate to company products, the customer experience, customer service approach, competitors, and more.

Silence & Overtalk Detection

Silence and overtalk detection is included in our Insights dashboard to provide a clearer view of the contexts and meanings of customer interactions. Insights will identify whether an agent simply needs help with basic skills, if more nuanced training is needed to improve soft skills, or if other issues are at play.

Detecting silence and overtalk during conversations will ultimately help identify customer pain points, agent shortcomings, positive reactions, and ensure that your agents are supporting customers in the best way possible. Use Insights to improve employee-customer relations and provide an exceptional customer experience.

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