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Automatically Score, Search & Analyze Every Customer Interaction

CallFinder Acuity is our robust suite of agent performance evaluation and customer analytics tools. This powerful solution is designed to help businesses monitor contact center operations by processing calls in near real-time. Automatically uncover trends to improve agent performance, contact center efficiency, and the customer experience.

Clients Using CallFinder Acuity see powerful results, including…

  • 100% visibility into agent-customer interactions
  • 14% reduction in talk-time, resulting in higher productivity rates
  • Improved customer experience through sentiment and emotion analysis
  • Elimination of costly & labor-intensive manual call monitoring procedures

Key Features of CallFinder Acuity

Ongoing Support From Our Expert Analysts

CallFinder Acuity is the only usage-based, affordable speech analytics solution to provide one-on-one training from a human being who will guide you through the setup phase. We get you up and running in weeks, not months like most solutions. Plus, you get ongoing support, advice, and optimization tips from your dedicated Analyst.


Evaluate the performance of individual calls, agents, and agent teams. Derive insights and provide feedback your contact center agents can use to improve performance and the customer experience.

Transcription & Search

Gain a quick visual into 100% of your customer interactions. Quickly read and search transcriptions to uncover trends in customer needs, gain product and competitor knowledge, and capture business insights to improve contact center performance.

Sentiment Analysis

Access a visual sentiment analysis within every transcribed call, providing a view into customer attitudes and emotions related to company products, the customer experience, customer service approach, competitors, and more.

Silence & Overtalk Detection

Silence and overtalk detection is a unique feature within CallFinder’s Insights that identifies calls with too much silence or overtalk to uncover common issues and agent training gaps so that management can effectively address sources of customer frustration.

Custom Analytics Reports

Access and export valuable interaction analytics contained in every customer-agent interaction and use the data to improve business processes, call handling procedures, the customer experience and more.

Why Choose CallFinder Acuity

  • 100% visibility into agent-customer interactions
  • Automated team, agent, and call scorecards for every agent-customer interaction
  • Immediate identification of non-compliant agents
  • Insights to improve agent performance, training and coaching
  • Searchable transcriptions for 100% of your customer interactions
  • Sentiment, silence, and overtalk analysis for a deeper understanding of CX and performance
  • Flexible solutions and usage-based pricing to fit your budget
  • Easy-to-use Software as a Service (SaaS) solution for SMBs & Contact Centers


CallFinder Acuity Features

FeaturesCallFinder Acuity
Speech Analytics
Speech-to-Text Transcription
Transcription Search
Transcription Dashboard
Automated Call Scorecards
Automated Team Scorecards
Automated Agent Scorecards
Sentiment Analysis
Emotion Detection
Silence Detection
Overtalk Detection
Analytics Dashboard
Custom Reports
Search Statistics
CRM Integrations
Contact Center Software Integrations
Managed Client Services
FeaturesCallFinder Acuity

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