Comprehensive Call Analytics Dashboard

CallFinder’s user-friendly interface provides a comprehensive snapshot of your call analytics, displaying direct access to your searches, search results, and the keywords and phrases that define your searches. You will also have access to a variety of search filters available to further drill into the call tracking analytics to discover trends in your customer conversations.

Building a new search is quick and simple. Once you have defined your objectives and know what specific call analytics you want to capture, it only takes minutes to begin collecting real time, automated call analytics.

Learn more about real time call categorization and the benefits of using CallFinder’s phonetic indexing technology to build searches, capture the most comprehensive and accurate call tracking analytics, assess trends in your business and improve operations within all departments.

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Easy Access To Recordings And Instances Of Keywords And Phrases

Access each individual call recording using the audio player. You can play the call in its entirety or jump directly to the point within the conversation that specific keywords and phrases occur – the moment where the conversation is most relevant. Pertinent keywords and phrases are displayed in phrase bubbles for easy identification.

Call Analytics on Every Recorded Conversation

Learn more about the suite of call tracking and monitoring reports you’ll gain access to when you implement call recording, with speech analytics, from CallFinder.

Using Call Monitoring System Software To Determine New Performance Goals

If you’re looking for call monitoring software, not just any call monitoring software will do. You want automated quality monitoring call software for your business or call center. And that’s what you’ll find with CallFinder — the best call monitoring software available.

CallFinder’s call quality monitoring software provides many benefits. In addition to giving you the ability to find keywords and phrases used in recorded conversations easily, and giving you access to metrics that can help you identify trends, our automated quality monitoring software can enable you to identify and set new individual and team performance goals.

Here are just some of the common call center and agent performance metrics you can use to set new performance goals for your individual agents as well as your team:

  • Average Handle Time.
  • Customer Satisfaction Scores.
  • First Call Resolution Rates.
  • Net Promoter Scores.
  • Call Conversion Rates.

Top Call Monitoring Software Case Studies

You don’t have to take our word for it when we say our quality monitoring software can enable you to set new performance goals. You can look through the case studies we make available on our website to see how actual companies have used our call monitoring software to identify performance goals for their representatives on individual and group bases.

When a national maker of home care products for senior citizens was looking for state-of-the-art software for call monitoring, the company turned to CallFinder. The manufacturer’s 20 contact center agents were fielding about 2,000 inbound calls every month in a single call center that was managed by a call center manager and a director of operations.

The company’s director of operations took a demo of our cloud-based speech analytics solution and immediately recognized the system’s potential for helping to set new performance goals. The director of operations and contact center manager worked with a dedicated CallFinder account manager to create specific searches in the CallFinder interface that our system used to scan and organize calls into four distinct categories for managerial purposes.

This enabled the contact center manager and director of operations to monitor agent script transition times, review calls to ensure their agents were asking the questions necessary to comply with TCPA guidelines and keep an eye on many other performance measures. Given these capabilities, the call center manager and director of operations are now able to make sure their agents are in 100 percent compliance with the Telephone Consumer Protection Act and that their employer isn’t exposed to litigation. They’re also able to see how their agents and team are performing against other KPIs in near real-time.

Companies in many industries are using our phone call monitoring software to identify new performance measures for their employees every day, including call centers, collections agencies, finance and banking centers, insurance agencies and manufacturing and utilities companies. To read more accounts of how our quality monitoring software has helped businesses just like yours determine meaningful performance goals, look through our case studies online today.