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Voice Analytics Technology: Best Practices for 2023

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We’ve recently discussed Voice Analytics – what it is, how it differs from speech analytics, how to choose the best software for your business, etc. With the new year almost upon us, we’d like to focus on companies that are considering adding voice analytics technology to their contact center. We know there’s a lot to consider.

To get you started, here are 3 voice analytics technology benefits and best practices that you can adopt in 2023.

Forge Stronger Customer Relationships

Customers want to feel a company genuinely understands their wants and needs. What the customer says may not necessarily reflect how they feel about a product or interaction. Do they truly understand what an agent is telling them? Are they actually happy with a proposed resolution? Are they really fine when they say “fine”?

Voice analytics features, such as sentiment analysis and emotion detection, identify customer pain points by analyzing words and sounds (tone) for negative, positive, or neutral connotations. These tools are instrumental in enhancing both the customer and agent experience because they allow agents to go deeper into conversations to hear what customers are really saying.

Uncover Agent Knowledge Gaps

Dealing with difficult problems (and customers) is challenging for any call center agent. It’s vital they have the necessary skills to handle any situation – good or bad. Using voice analytics in training helps agents know which methods are most likely to diffuse or escalate tense situations.

This type of technology also lets agents better understand their own reactions when interacting with customers. Additionally, features such as silence & overtalk detection highlight agent knowledge gaps and reduce overtalk by improving listening skills. All these are beneficial for better agent training, and thus a better customer experience.

Create Products with a Holistic Approach

The benefits of voice analytics don’t have to stop at the call center. Discoveries made about customer viewpoints on goods or services can (and should) be shared with different departments. Ad campaigns that resonate with customers are created, upsell opportunities become easier to recognize, products are developed that customers actually want.

These are just a few of the ways voice analytics breaks down company silos. The result is a holistic approach to providing goods and services that benefit both the customer and the company.

Voice Analytics in 2023 and Beyond

Ultimately, voice analytics technology determines how customers feel about a company and brand. It can also reveal insights about the customer experience and journey. All of this data provides the information needed to reduce customer churn, close agent knowledge gaps, and increase loyalty in 2023 and beyond.

CallFinder: Voice Analytics Technology At It’s Finest

While there are a ton of speech analytics or voice analytics solutions on the market, you won’t find a solution provider that offers support to end users like CallFinder. Gaining value and benefit from the solution only comes with knowing how to use the technology. And CallFinder’s Managed Client Support is just one of the unique features included with our solution.

Learn what else sets us apart from other voice analytics solutions and how we can help you start improving every aspect of your business in 2023. Schedule your demo today!

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