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Using Speech Analytics Beyond the Contact Center


The benefits of speech analytics are being widely acknowledged in today’s business world.  All across the country (and even the globe), industry leaders and corporate know-hows are seeing the advantages of implementing speech analytics in their contact centers.  By quickly and accurately scanning the conversations held between agents and customers, speech analytics can help businesses ensure agents are exceptionally trained to answer questions accurately and resolve complaints quickly and exemplarily, giving customers the best experience possible when they call in to their company.

But what some people may not know is that speech analytics can be applied to improve other facets of a company beyond the everyday occurrences in the contact center, including:

Extract Business Intelligence with Speech Analytics

Savvy businesses know each phone conversation held between an agent and a customer is far more than simply what is said on the surface.  There is a trove of information contained in these conversations; information which can prove invaluable to a business’s success.  Speech analytics quickly scans thousands of calls in just minutes for specific words and phrases, capturing the voice of the customer, and revealing trends and patterns in conversations.  Results are obtained far faster and more accurately than with standard call recording.  Armed with this information, businesses can then make informed strategic business decisions which will have tremendously positive impacts on the future of their company

Monitor Risk Management and Compliance with Call Analytics

Many businesses today are beholden to very specific regulatory and/or script compliancy guidelines, and must record and archive all voice interactions between agents and customers daily to avoid litigation risks.  Speech analytics offers a truly effective way for companies to mine every single call and automatically expose any script compliance problems that may occur.  This provides a prime opportunity for managers to improve agent training, as well as helps to avoid potential liability in the future.   With speech analytics, companies can achieve a little more peace of mind.

Measure Sales & Marketing Effectiveness by Analyzing Voice of Customer Data

When it comes to customer satisfaction, many companies strive to figure out what it really is their customers want.  How can they improve their product?  Are customers unhappy with a particular aspect of their service?  Companies may try to glean this data with methods like surveys or focus groups, but nothing can match the insights gained from using speech analytics.   By being able to fine tune phone conversation searches to focus on specific aspects like brands, services, competitor mentions, and more, businesses can precisely discern the success (or lack thereof)  of their marketing campaigns, and formulate future strategies based on solid evidence.

No part of a company is an island; all departments must work together to reach true success.  Speech analytics is an affordable way for companies of all sizes to go beyond improving just their contact center to improving all aspects of their business.  By implementing speech analytics, companies can use actionable data to achieve the most important goal of all: Happy Customers.

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