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Use Speech Analytics Beyond the Customer Service Dept.


Sales and customer service departments are often the two areas of a company at the forefront of the customer experience. But, thinking about the other areas of a business that contribute to the overall experience, you can see where every department touches your customers’ lives. Here are some thoughts on other departments and how they impact the customer experience outside of Sales, Marketing and Customer Service:

  • IT; how a customer’s call is answered, routed, whether they have to go through an IVR system to get to a human, is all at the fingertips of the IT department. Members of IT are the ones who research, purchase and implement phone systems (for the most part), websites, live chat features, and more. If glitches or long wait times are experienced, it’s the role of IT to be aware of and to correct.
  • Finance/Accounting; invoicing, payment processing, and providing answers to questions about a customer’s account falls under the accounting bucket. While a customer service rep may relay the information to the customer, they have to get the information from the finance/accounting team. So, AP and AR systems need to be up to snuff, and that falls to this department.
  • Operations; overall business processes, often managed in the Ops department, affect customers as changes are made to delivery schedules and policies, warehousing, and purchasing procedures.

When you factor in these other areas of a company that at some point either communicate with the customer, or impact their relationship, it helps to realize the importance of having cohesive and consistent strategies for communicating with those customers.

If your business does not currently have a way to monitor all areas of the company during times that they interface with customers, you should consider a call monitoring program, like call recording and speech analytics. Having these technologies in place allows a business to review conversations with customers in the event of litigation, to gain customer feedback on the company as a whole, as well as on products, and the service they receive.

To experience our speech analytics solution, contact us today and schedule a free demo of the CallFinder user interface, which is cloud-based, cost effective, and scalable to your unique business needs.

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