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Use Script Compliance To Avoid PR Mistakes


At first blush a lot of people may tell you that using a script in a business call doesn’t sound that appealing to them. They may say that doing so makes the person on the phone sound as though they are not being authentic – that they sound like a robot.

That being said, scripts also protect companies against embarrassing off the wall comments.

Crafting A Script for Agents

Creating a script helps to make sure that each phone call goes on the same as the last. says that scripting phone calls helps businesses ensure quality controls,

Creating a script, and making sure it’s followed, means that the message you want to send as a business owner is the one your customers receive.

The exact wording and content of the script is up to you and depends entirely on what you are trying to sell or do. These messages can be tailor made for each situation.

The Embarrassing Ad Lib

There are numerous examples of businesses that have allowed their employees to go off script with disastrous results. It could be that the employee is having a bad day and blurts something out that he or she later regrets. It could simply also be that the employee says something which he or she does not realize is offense or insensitive. Whatever the case may be, it can be avoided by having script compliance checks.

Checking For Quality Assurance

The fact of the matter is that some employees may still try to deviate from the script if they do not feel that they are going to be called on it. This is why compliance checks are necessary. Just by checking to see if employees are following the script, businesses can expect to see much better results and adherence to the script. This can virtually eliminate the PR problems that come from leaving a script.

Contact us for more information on conducting script compliance checks.

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