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The Challenge of Call Monitoring for Small Businesses


Small businesses are moving communication services to the cloud more and more to save resources and reduce costs.   The cloud eliminates the need for costly and cumbersome hardware and software installations.   As a result of moving into the cloud, SMBs have more time to focus on the data that is being captured because they are spending less time on the equipment management itself.

Telecommunications needs is just one example of a business service that companies are moving to the cloud, including call monitoring and call tracking solutions.   Cloud offerings are making these types of services more flexible, affordable and manageable for the SMB market.

For example, call monitoring is one policy that is often a necessity for business where employees are taking calls from clients and customers.   An article posted on the Business 2 community talks about call monitoring and overcoming some of the objections from employees.

“Although monitoring is a very valuable and commonplace function, many employees aren’t comfortable with it, and as a result they resist with a variety of objections.”

The proper coaching of employees requires knowing areas of opportunity that need work and their strengths when taking customer calls. You need to periodically monitor calls to ensure that employees perform at required levels that have been set for productivity, sales and service. However, you need to reassure employees by addressing their concerns.

One big concern from employees is that they may feel that monitoring is an invasion of privacy. This is a common objection from employees and can be addressed in many ways. Employees need to know the monitoring of their calls is important to the success of the business and to their development. They also need to know that management will not monitor personal communications.

Employees need to be reminded that call monitoring is used to improve customer experience and to increase productivity by improving quality. Employees may also feel management is looking to see if they can find something wrong. This means that management needs to reassure employees that call monitoring is used to find out things being done right in order to give praise.

If you have any questions about call monitoring for your business, then contact us for details.

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