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Talk Business 360 on the Value of Speech Analytics


Our vice president of marketing, Laura Noonan, recently had the privilege of speaking with the Talk Business 360 network on the benefits of using speech analytics to improve business processes and ultimately make positive changes on the customer experience.

What is speech analytics?

Advanced technology now allows businesses to identify and access the unstructured data contained inside voice recordings. Think about it…there is not a lot of quantifiable data inside the words that make up a conversation, right? So, in order to capture and extract business intelligence, there has to be someone manually listening to, taking notes on, and assigning value to a recorded conversation. This means there is much room for human error and individual interpretation, which may not align with another listeners interpretation.

Speech analytics takes the guess work out of quality assurance monitoring, customer experience monitoring, and provides the ability to break down conversations into key phrases, which allows for categorization of calls based on content.

Now, businesses have access to specific information they’re looking for, and it happens automatically with advanced technology like speech analytics.

Why should my business use an audio mining solution?

– Capture the voice of your customers
– Gain business intelligence
– Develop efficient call monitoring practices
– Alleviate inadequate call handing
– Improve customer experience & increase revenue

If you’re looking to overcome these business obstacles, then you should consider a speech analytics solution, which is automated and affordable and can assist with accessing the valuable content contained inside your conversations with customers.

Learn more

Take a look at this video to learn more about how a cloud-based, phonetic search engine can help businesses identify exactly where within every call keywords and phrases occur.

CallFinder Talk 360 Interview Video_June 2013

Learn how business can work more effectively, gather critical business insights, discover customer wants and needs, and improve the overall customer experience.

After watching this two-minute video, and hearing how CallFinder works, experience it for yourself by contacting a CallFinder Specialist to take a free online demo.

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