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Speech Analytics: The Science Of Speech Patterns


Every day that there are phone call interactions between customers and employees, there is a whole mountain of data that is recorded. It would be impossible for any person to go through every bit of that data to listen for anything. The amount of time required would be far too much. This is why speech analytics is an important approach to take to customer calls.

Searching Out Keywords 

The primary purpose of going through the data on all of these calls is to see that customers are being treated in the manner that they should be treated. In order to determine this, one must look for certain phrases and words that are used. describes the process as follows,

With advanced phonetic speech tools you can quickly identify key words and phrases in audio recordings. Search and tag keywords and phrases you’ve identified, compiling the information you need to make informed decisions and take action.

The human judgement part comes in when determining what to do after certain phrases have been identified.

Regulatory Concerns

If the industry in which you operate is one that has many regulations, then speech analytics may be even more important to you. Regulations about customer/employee conversations may be so strict as to require that certain things be said or not be said. Using speech analytics, it is possible to determine if these regulations are being met. If they are not, there may be action that needs to be taken to correct the situation.

Customer Campaigns

Speech analytics are not only used to catch those who are not providing the best quality service, but also to identify the best pitches for customer campaigns. If a pitch seems to be working with a lot of customers, why not try it out with all of them? This benefit alone makes clawing through the phone records worth your time.

Contact us for more reasons why speech analytics are worth your time, money, and effort.

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