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Using Speech Analytics Outside of the Call Center


Speech analytics software is extremely valuable in a call center environment. It allows businesses to mine hours of call content to gain customer intelligence and monitor agent performance in order to improve call center processes. However, the benefits of speech analytics technology expand beyond the call center and the software can be used in other departments of an organization as well including:

Marketing departments

To the marketing department, speech analytics software should be viewed as a market research tool. The software records and analyzes calls that are happening with both current and potential clients or customers. What are they saying? These conversations with customers provide the marketing department with insights that can be turned into the next great marketing campaign. Or, the technology allows the marketing department to check in and see how existing campaigns are performing. For example, the marketing team can perform a custom search for keywords related to campaigns, promotions, or other key messages. Unlike other market research methods, marketers have access to data that can answer their questions or improve their next campaign in a matter of minutes.

Sales departments

Speech analytics can be a key selling tool, if it’s being used to its fullest potential by the sales department. To start, sales managers can use the software to review the performance of representatives and get insights into what sales techniques are working better than others and make tweaks to a strategy if needed. Call recordings can be searched using specific keywords that may highlight additional selling opportunities (up-selling or cross-selling). Because a speech analytics solution mines calls in near real-time, it also allows sales managers to be proactive and train their agents on appropriate procedures, processes, or talking points immediately following their call.


In some organizations, all calls funnel through reception. Reception may simply forward the calls on to whomever the intended recipient may be, or the role may be more substantive. If it is, speech analytics technology should be used in this department as well. After all, every call and interaction with customers and clients is important. Without call data from reception, an organization could be missing out on a wealth of customer data.

School admissions

Competition in the education industry is fierce. The admissions department must display excellent customer service in order to maintain the interest of prospective students. Speech analytics can be used to uncover business intelligence on how incoming calls are handled in an admissions department and ensure that admission representatives are exhibiting proper script compliance. Calls can be mined to track prospective student inquiries by program, monitor appointment scheduling success rates of admission representatives, and monitor tuition and loan assistance program questions.

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