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Speech Analytics is Not a Replacement for Skilled Human Management


There are many benefits to using speech analytics technology within your organization. Speech analytics software mines 100% of call content in a matter of minutes to gather data from actual customer interactions, which is crucial to business decision making. Efficiency is improved, cost savings opportunities are realized, and profitability increases when a speech analytics tool is used.

However, speech analytics, like any tool, does not eliminate the need for skilled human management. Human guidance is necessary to make the technology work. The misperception that you can “set it and forget it” leads to disappointment in the technology. Without adequate human involvement while deploying a speech analytics solution, projects are doomed for failure.

Human guidance is needed for the following:

Strategy development
A tool without a strategy in place as to how it will be used throughout the organization is useless. There needs to be a well-developed program in place. Management must set goals and objectives and search-building processes need to be established before implementing speech analytics.

Employee training
Speech analytics and call reporting software has many features, including but not limited to; call recording of all inbound calls, real-time call categorization, phonetic indexing, instant call audio player, call tracking capabilities, and missed call monitor alerts. That’s a lot of information and a lot of data! Without proper training, it’s likely that a speech analytics tool won’t be used to its fullest capabilities which means that important business insights (and opportunities for growth and sales) will go unnoticed. Any team member who is responsible for using speech analytics must be properly trained on how to use the tool.

Analysis and identification of call trends
A speech analytics tool provides statistical reports on a daily, or even hourly, basis. It can turn your recorded calls into valuable assets. However, that is only possible if employees properly analyze the reports to gather key insights and then make business decisions based on the data. Speech analytics reports allow an organization to make improvements across the company. Everything from monitoring agent performance to making marketing and sales decisions to ensuring that calls are compliant with industry and legal regulations is possible with proper analysis.

A speech analytics tool is just that, a tool. Sufficient planning and resources must go into thoughtfully implementing the technology. Human guidance is necessary to generate action from the intelligence that speech analytics provides.

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