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Best Practices for Using Speech Analytics


Consumers have many communication channels to choose from when they want to get in touch with a company today, however the old standby, the telephone, remains the most popular. That’s why call center software, including speech analytics, is such a worthwhile investment. The advantage of using speech analytics software over basic call recording software is that it is able to mine a large number of conversations for specific keywords and keyword phrases at once, turning previously hidden conversations into actionable data that can be used to improve overall business processes.

When using speech analytics software it’s important to follow these best practices:

Follow proper onboarding procedures

Taking the time up front to set everything up properly is going to ensure successful implementation and use of the software. There are many steps of a speech analytics onboarding process that must be followed.

Use the technology across all departments

Customer intelligence is hidden inside of conversations that happen with members of all departments and at all levels, not only at the customer service level in the call center.

Focus on specific and high-impact targets

When utilizing speech analytics, it’s important to determine what exactly you are using it for. It’s important to focus on elements of voice conversations that are tied to revenue gain or loss. Of course, these targets may continually be shifting based on business initiatives at any given time.

Invest in analysis

In order for data to be meaningful it must be properly analyzed, which requires support and buy in from the top level for implementation through analysis to process improvement. The upfront investment in speech analytics software is only one part of the equation. Resources must be provided to a dedicated analysis team that understands all aspects of the business and how best to use the technology.

Foster a culture of continual action towards process improvements

Once data has been turned into insights, an organization must be willing to take action, or else the investment has gone to waste. There must be a process in place for applying both positive and negative findings to departments across the company in order to improve business processes and the overall customer experience.

Following these best practices will ensure that an organization makes the most of its speech analytics investment.

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