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Search for These Terms Using Speech Analytics


Speech analytics software is a powerful technology that, when used properly, allows businesses to accurately capture the voice of their customers in order to gain business intelligence that can inform future business decisions. Speech analytics software takes basic call center call recording capabilities to the next level. Instead of manually listening in on a sample size of calls for insights, speech analytics does the “heavy lifting” and can generate reports from all calls, providing management with more accurate data.

When first utilizing speech analytics software, there is sometimes confusion about how it works. Often, people think that it will predict the words and phrases for searches by itself or that it will know in the future what phrases it should be looking for. This is not the case. Speech analytics is not the same as predictable searching. Instead, a business using speech analytics needs to set up each search term in the system. While this is a manual process, it ensures that the search terms are catered to that company’s exact business needs. Each business is unique, which means that the terms that make sense for one company don’t necessarily make sense for another, which is why a pre-packaged solution isn’t the best investment.

The following terms serve as a starting point when businesses are deciding which key terms to track:

Terms that ensure compliance

In certain highly regulated industries, such as finance and health care, call center agents must be compliant to the script to meet industry requirements and regulations. If a script isn’t followed, it can result in losing the trust of the customer and even legal action. To ensure that call center agents in these industries are saying the right things, these necessary terms can be searched for using speech analytics software. If the term doesn’t appear in a search, the call can be further investigated and brought to the agent’s attention.

Product terms

Searching for the terms related to your products (or services) provides key insights. If a product name is appearing in search often, it could be a red flag that there is an issue with that particular product that needs to be addressed. Perhaps there is confusion about how it is used or assembled, or the product could be defective. It’s best to take action to alleviate these issues as soon as possible.

Campaign terms

It’s important to search for terms related to marketing and advertising campaigns. This will tell the marketing team which campaigns are generating interest and which ones aren’t. Analyzing these calls can also help the marketing team work towards improving these campaigns overall.

Negative/positive terms

While it’s important to customize searches for your unique business needs, there are key positive and negative terms that are more general that you should also be tracking. The negative terms will show areas of your business that may need to be improved (and agents that may require further training), while the positive terms show where your strong points are (and who your strongest agents may be) and this information can be built upon.

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