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Call Center Speech Analytics: Getting Your ROI


Most call center managers are unaware of the critical data that a call center speech analytics solution can uncover.

This example pertains directly to the insurance industry:

“When the word “ridiculous” is used in an insurance customer service interaction, by either the call center agent or the customer, the customer is 80% more likely to change their insurer within three months.”

Having access to knowledge of what customers are saying, the voice of your customers, will help your business discover similar patterns and trends, no matter what industry you’re operating within. Once you identify these patterns, it will be easier to determine where process changes, script changes, or maybe pricing changes, need to take place in order to eliminate attrition and customer loss. And, you can leverage the data to move in the opposite direction, putting practices in place to improve the customer experience and establish customer loyalty based on quality management.

Read other articles on the topic of speech analytics ROI, and speak with us today to learn how a speech analytics solution like CallFinder will help your business extract critical insights to move forward.

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