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How to Drive Real Results with Speech Analytics


Businesses today need to continually work towards improving the customer experience in order to be successful. Happy customers become loyal customers that drive revenue. In order to improve the customer experience, businesses first must understand the experience customers are having currently by capturing the voice of the customer. For years, contact centers have been relying on call recording software to do so. Every call is recorded and then a selection of these calls are listened to and analyzed. While it’s better than having no data, a small sample of calls isn’t really providing an accurate picture. To truly capture the voice of the customer, data from all calls must be analyzed. Speech analytics software mines data from all call content and turns this previously unstructured data into structured data allowing trends to emerge.

In order to drive real results with speech analytics a company must:

Select the best technology

Once a company gets buy in from upper management, the next step is to select the speech analytics software solution that is the best fit for the organization. For example, a small to medium sized business can benefit from a cloud-based speech analytics solution since it has fewer costs associated with it.

Put it to work

Speech analytics is not a “set it and forget it” solution. Users must determine what keywords and keyword phrases to mine for. This decision process should be re-visited regularly to accurately reflect what’s going on in the company. New product launches, new business processes, new ad campaigns, etc. are all prime examples of instances when the keyword list should be evaluated. Speech analytics is a powerful tool, but only when it’s used correctly. Not mining all important keywords and keyword phrases means that it isn’t being used as it should be.

Analyze results regularly

What’s the point of investing in a speech analytics tool if you aren’t actually taking a close look at the reports generated? A speech analytics solution will mine the data and provide reports, but users must analyze the reports closely to gather insights. As trends emerge, they can inform future business practices that will improve the customer experience.

Make business process changes

The only way speech analytics is going to positively impact your bottom line is if you look at the data, determine what’s working and what’s not, and put that data to good use by making changes to business processes. Speech analytics data provides insights into all departments across the organization, not just the contact center.

Investing in speech analytics software is one thing. Putting it to good use and taking advantage of all its capabilities is another. To improve the customer experience (and increase revenue), a company must do both.

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