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Reasons Your Small Business Needs Call Recording


Call recording can be a useful business tool for many reasons. Although it is now required for most businesses, many companies do not record calls. And while it’s important that callers know that calls are recorded and monitored, call recording offers several ways to improve the customer experience.

Capturing Information

With automated speech analytics, managers can collect information without manually listening to every call multiple times. They can pass a recorded call to another employee or administrator who is the most appropriate person to return the call. This supports an appropriate customer response and allows for a swift follow-up. Regain lost leads by accessing recorded calls for more information to use as agents discuss concerns with a customer.

Better Customer Service

Using insights from recorded calls, managers can train customer service representatives with real-life examples. Agents can rehearse difficult situations, frequently occurring complaints, and poor interactions using data from recorded phone calls. This provides the opportunity to coach representatives through challenging calls, or provide introductory training across agent teams.

Ensure Consistency

Call center managers can reduce compliance risk using previous customer calls as a guide. These calls also serve as a baseline for reducing the amount of time agents spend with each customer. Or use recordings to analyze the challenges related to a particular area of questions or product line to provide clear targets and objectives for upcoming employee trainings. This ensures that agents provide your customers with a consistent, positive experience. By the same token, it also ensures that employees feel competent and prepared to meet customer needs.

Customer Analysis

Most businesses use CallFinder to analyze customer needs using specific phrases for their business. Categorizing calls by pricing questions, complaints, or even script compliance ensures that managers access the right calls. However, don’t forget that CallFinder saves valuable time! Some agencies have reported a 50% decrease in average handle time after using CallFinder.

Overall, CallFinder provides many benefits for any business or agency, including a positive experience for their customers. If you are interested in a demo of CallFinder, please contact us.

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