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5 Common Questions About Cloud-Based Speech Analytics


There are many benefits to using speech analytics software in a call center. Businesses know this, but may not understand the details, which is why they spend time researching all available options. We’ve found that these are some of the most common questions businesses may have as they consider investing in a cloud-based speech analytics solution:

How is it different from an on-premise speech analytics solution?

The primary difference between a cloud-based speech analytics solution and an on-premise solution is cost. Because a cloud-based solution requires no hardware or software to install on a company’s network, little to no involvement is needed from the IT department, including maintenance time. A cloud-based solution is also much more flexible and can be deployed within a week.

How does it affect my phone system?

It doesn’t! No changes are necessary to an existing telephony when deploying a cloud-based speech analytics solution. No hardware or software needs to be installed and there is no integration with an existing phone system, internal systems, servers, etc. A new phone system does not need to be purchased and a cloud-based speech analytics solution can be up and running quickly.

Does it integrate with my CRM?

Cloud-based speech analytics software is able to integrate with many CRM systems. However, it’s important to understand that each platform is used differently. A CRM system looks at customer data on a contact level. Speech analytics software is looking for trends and patterns across many contacts. There is no benefit to speech analytics on an individual call/individual circumstance.

Is it the same as predictable searching?

No. Speech analytics software does not predict the words and phrases for searches or know in the future what phrases it should be looking for. Speech analytics software scans recorded calls to search for predetermined keywords and phrases that are spoken between agents and customers, allowing businesses to identify why customers are calling and uncover training opportunities to improve agent performance.

I just need to set it up, right?

Speech analytics does not eliminate the need for human management of the search-building process and identification of call trends. Skilled human guidance is necessary to make the technology work. The misperception that you can ‘set it and forget it’ leads to disappointment in the technology, and dooms projects for failure when severely insufficient planning and resources go into thoughtfully implementing the technology and generating action from intelligence. Businesses need to create a well-developed strategy and program for the tool, goals/objectives, and management processes before implementing speech analytics.

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