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Provide Personalized Travel Experiences with Speech Analytics


The global travel industry is one of the most profitable sectors today, with an annual revenue of nearly $10 trillion predicted to be reached by 2022.  And while today’s travelers are journeying to both favorite and new destinations, the majority of them are really hoping to get one thing out of their excursions:  a great experience.  The experience people have is something that will stay with them, so the travel and hospitality industry want to be sure it provides only favorable ones. One way to guarantee this occurs is by implementing a call monitoring solution such as speech analytics.

As people place phone calls to businesses such as airlines, hotels, and more to make travel arrangements, each conversation contains a wealth of information that these businesses can put to extremely good use. But this information isn’t always obvious to the naked ear; that’s where speech analytics comes in. Speech analytics can rapidly scan all conversations for specific words and phrases, revealing trends and patterns which can help all aspects of the travel industry offer exceptional service to all.

Help Agents & Customers Make Better Informed Decisions

Travel and hospitality businesses are consistently attempting to discover the best services and options they can offer to people. Rather than doing so simply based on “best guesses”, they can make these decisions using the data obtained with speech analytics implemented to identify the moment in a customer conversation where key phrases are spoken. For instance, speech analytics can identify patterns that determine consumer trends, such as which marketing efforts are most effective based on the source a customer mentions where they heard about your business, and which demographics are most likely to take advantage of particular promotions and services. Cruise ships and airlines can learn when customers are most interested in going to specific destinations, and franchise hotels can discover which promotions and amenities work better in certain locations than others. Even identifying phrases that mention a business’s competition can help uncover why customers may be opting to go with a rival business, and new strategies can be addressed and enforced accordingly. All of this information will contribute to better pricing strategies and package deals, which will benefit both the business and, most importantly, the customer.

Provide a Personalized Experience with Speech Analytics

The travel industry can also use speech analytics to appeal to customers on a more personal basis. The ability to offer the right service to the right person at the right time can set a business apart, and help ensure customer loyalty. For example, if a hotel has speech analytics implemented and running on their calls, they may learn that guests with children often call the concierge to inquire about things for kids to do, then they can offer families with children packets with family-friendly recommendations at check-in. Or, if a hotel is near an airport, it may often get last minute bookings due to sudden flight issues. With speech analytics, it may be discovered that people often inquire about wake-up times and shuttle services, leading the hotel to create a policy in which those services are offered without being prompted. And speech analytics can especially be useful when it comes to repeat guests, as it can keep businesses apprised of what those guests expect, and how to keep them happy. By offering a more personalized experience, the travel industry can ensure each and every customer receives a superior experience.

Thanks to advanced conversation interaction monitoring tools in place, the global travel sector is going from reactive to proactive, helping to give travelers the very best experience possible. Even if someone only visits a place once, a great experience means they will tell other people about it, which will lead to new business. With speech analytics, the travel industry can reach new destinations.

To learn more about affordable solutions, including automated call scoring and SaaS speech analytics technology, schedule a free demo or speak with a CallFinder Analyst today by calling 1-800-639-1700.

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