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Phonetic Index Search- Process and Applications


Phonetic index search is an approach of vocal mining. The technique processes an audio message, like a call recording, and generates useful business information based on the content of the call. Although there are a number of advanced mining tools, phonetic indexing is considered the fastest one. From call centers to multinational firms, the technique is used in a wide range of industries and businesses.

Although the audio processing tool is quite popular all across the world, many smaller businesses are not familiar with the process and applications of phonetic indexing tools, and how affordable and flexible they are for the SMB market.

A brief overview of the technique can help you make the most of this innovative audio processing tool:


Indexing is a process of breaking the array of words spoken during a conversation into various phonemes. Every word is analyzed separately and transcribed into phonemes. Phonemes are the basic unit of pronunciation in any language. For example, American English consists of about 40 phonemes, so the indexing software designed for American users has 40 recognized phonemes on the basis of which a voice message is processed. Although the tool can be used simply to compute the number of times a particular word or phrase has been repeated in a sentences, the metadata can also be used for a number other purposes.


The in-depth analysis of a voice message by breaking it down into a thread of phonemes can provide useful information like emotions and expressions of the calls, the number of pauses and the duration in which voice messages were exchanged. Analytics generated in the basis of metadata can provide businesses with useful information like satisfaction level of consumers, areas which need improvement, and performance of employees. Indexing can also be used to sort calls into different categories because indexing provides complete transcription of consumers’ calls. It will also allow you to use consumers’ reviews and responses for predicting your business growth and plan your business strategically.

Before implementing an audio mining technology, keep the following quick tips in mind:

  • Make sure that the service provider is authentic.
  • Determine your objectives and needs for the solution, which will help you identify the type of technology you need.
  • Assess your internal resources; on premise solutions require hardware/software and IT management while cloud-based solutions are easier to implement and execute.

Learn more about cloud-based speech analytics and phonetic indexing technology by contacting us today to schedule a free demo. And, check out our resources of case studies and white papers too!

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