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Monitor Marketing & Sales Activities with Speech Analytics


In order for a business to be truly successful these days, it must put the customer first. To provide outstanding customer experiences, not only is the contact center a key place to start, it is also important to monitor your marketing and sales departments with speech analytics. As the importance of the customer experience continues to be acknowledged, businesses must also be aware that providing this experience is not solely the call center’s responsibility. All factions play a role, particularly sales and marketing. These two departments must focus on knowing customers’ desires and making them a reality.

But this is often easier said than done, since a business can’t just tell customers what they should want, and customers are not always forthcoming with such information.  So, many businesses end up just flying blind when they make marketing and sales decisions. However, businesses can truly understand what their customers are really looking for (even when customers don’t tell them directly) by implementing a call monitoring solution like speech analytics.

With speech analytics, marketing and sales departments become more in sync with customers in a number of ways.

Use Speech Analytics to Execute Superior Marketing Campaigns

Have you ever seen a particular advertisement or new product and thought, “Now, THAT is a good idea.”? If you work in marketing, you know it didn’t just magically happen; hours of careful research and planning went into it. But while other businesses may base their decisions on data that is often vague and/or flawed, those with speech analytics have access to far more accurate information. By scanning phone calls from customers for words and phrases related to particular ad campaigns, it becomes easier to see which campaigns are the most effective and are bringing in the most calls. It also uncovers patterns which give better insights into specific demographics, as well as what may be influencing their purchasing patterns, such as social trends, environmental impact, etc. Speech analytics helps marketing departments spend less money on extensive research and instead implement advertising strategies that are genuinely effective.

Increase Your Number of Sales Opportunities with CallFinder

A speech analytics solution can also help sales representatives be more fruitful in their endeavors. Analyzing conversations can help detect trends to determine how customers truly feel about specific products or services, and adjust sales reps’ behaviors accordingly. For instance, if customers continually ask about a service that is not currently offered, or are often purchasing separate products at the same time, speech analytics will identify these patterns and help agents more accurately determine upsell and cross-sell opportunities. Sales can even share this data with marketing to help create their next ad campaigns. Speech analytics can also help with sales training by identifying which words or phrases said by reps are most likely to get the best responses and ultimately lead to a sale, giving reps the tools necessary to succeed whenever they are on the phone.

Having speech analytics is like having the most reliable focus group right on premise. By going beyond simply knowing which strategies are or are not working and providing actual reasons for it, speech analytics can be a boon to sales and marketing. Speech analytics enables a business to gain a better understanding of their customers, which improves said business’s reputation and branding. But most importantly, it helps businesses improve the experience they give their customers, which is most important of all.

Learn more about CallFinder’s call monitoring and call scoring capabilities in this video, and explore all features.

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