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Measuring Agent Performance Via Call Tracking


In some fields it is easy to measure the performance of an employee. An athlete is easily measured on his or her performance by statistics. Actors and actresses can be measured on their performance by the reviews of the audiences who go to see them. However, those who work in call centers may not be as easy to evaluate, at least not on the face of things. So, how can agent performance be measured in the call center?

Listening To The Calls

Listening to the phone calls that come into a call center makes a lot of sense. Knowing the information that is being exchanged over these phone calls provides insight into how well individual employees are doing on the job.

Call Analysis Software

Using software to review the content of calls is a great way to go through a great amount of calls without having to personally have any one person who does that. The software program can scan through the content of calls faster than any human being is capable of, and it can locate areas in the phone call that may be a problem. This means that when a human being does become involved in the process, he or she can save time and get right to the point with it.

Better Training, Better Results

If there are certain mistakes that seem to crop up all the time in your line of work, then you are best served to try to train employees better on how to address those issues and hopefully you won’t see them cropped up as often as you had in the past. There is no guarantee of course, but at least you might be able to benefit from employees knowing more about the pitfalls that are so commonly fallen into.

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