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Maximizing Profits by Tapping Your Data Goldmine with Speech Analytics


You invest countless dollars in recruiting, training, and retaining your team of call center representatives. You equip them with the latest technology, the best leads, and a script designed to close sales. But despite substantial outlay of time and money, you are yet to see a market improvement in conversions, and you need to know why. You’re bleeding cash, and need some first aid. Pronto.

Enter: speech analytics.

By digitally recording calls, you create a vast resource of data you can tap at any time for any reason. You gain the business intelligence you need to make sound decisions. But digitally recording calls is not enough. You must have access to the technology that will allow you to search those calls by key words and phrases that are relevant to your specific business. CallFinder does precisely that.

Your call center representatives are the first point of contact many or perhaps most of your potential customers have with your business. They set the tone. Your business does not get a second chance at making a first impression. It is absolutely vital that your call center staff is on point for every call, every day. Failure at this point in the sales chain can make the difference between a Fortune 500 listing and bankruptcy court.

Here is the good news. The conversations between your customers and your call center representatives represent an untapped goldmine of data. Imagine, at the press of a button, being able to identify key phrases that are the most strongly associated with a sale. On the flip side, suppose you were able to hone in on key words or phrases used by your call center staff which tend to result in lost sales.

With this sort of data, you could adjust training in such a way that will lead to more sales. You could identify employees who do or do not stick to the script, and you can respond accordingly. Most importantly, with this data, you can increase customer satisfaction, increase repeat sales, and boost your revenue.

Contact us today to discuss how CallFinder can help you tap your data goldmine.

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