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How Speech Analytics Helps the Healthcare Industry


Today the healthcare industry is being called upon to serve the public in ways that are constantly changing.   There is always a need to comply with governmental regulations, improve care, and accommodate patient needs.   In order to meet their increasing demands, many healthcare providers are turning to speech analytics to monitor calls for compliance and quality assurance to assist them in providing the best possible care.

Speech analytics can be used as a tool to ensure compliance with Healthcare Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPPA).   It will enable the recording of phone conversations within and outside the healthcare provider concerning HIPPA.   Analyzing these conversations can determine any potential liabilities as well as employee compliance and customer understanding of HIPPA.

Auditors are a big part of any healthcare operation.   Speech analytics software enables auditors to review specific portions or points within any recorded conversation and utilize the information for their reports.   Hospital administrators and staff are able to obtain this important information by building keyword and key phrase search definitions within a speech analytics solution, and as the calls are processed, they are categorized by the keywords and phrases that define a search, which is customized for every customer.  This information can be used to help improve clinical performance and marketing effectiveness as well as provide better customer service.

In the healthcare industry, approximately 20 percent of customer complaints are traced back to the employee who spoke with them on the phone.   Using speech analytics with employee tracking codes will easily and automatically categorize every call by specific rep, making the analysis of the recorded calls that much easier.   The rest of customer complaints result from misunderstandings, process issues or unrealistic expectations, and search definitions can be built using keywords that address these types of calls.

A hospital representative isn’t able to remember accurately everything that takes place during their call with a customer.   During each call there are multiple issues to address.   Speech analytics provides a way for a healthcare organization to analyze patterns of problems and address issues that stand out and identify the most important concerns.

If healthcare employees are struggling to answers customer questions they may need to have additional training in specific areas.  Speech analytics has been used to identify training needs and this has resulted in customer satisfaction increasing significantly.

We can provide valuable insights into how speech analytics software can be used to improve operations in the healthcare field.   Contact us today and learn more.

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