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How Does Implementation of a Speech Analytics Solution Effect ROI?


Measureable ROI is a function of a company’s ability to use a speech analytics solution.

Speech analytics technology will provide you with the data your business needs to make strategic marketing decisions, decisions that will affect the call center operations, and provide insight to the trends taking place in the market, all based on the voice of your customers, and the customer experience.

An affordable Web-based speech analytics solution will provide your business with:

  • Call recordings of every conversation in real time
  • Call categorization in real time, based on search definitions created using the technology
  • A simple, intuitive dashboard to create, edit and manage searches
  • Top-line search statistics and call analytics such as the number of calls found, and number of calls that contain a specific search phrase
  • The ability to schedule daily search performance reports to track trends
  • Intelligent, phoneme-based software that recognizes slang, accents and symbols

Once the technology is in place, the appointed user of the solution – say the contact center supervisor, the call center manager, compliance officer, or the sales manager – will manage the daily data and then implement effective coaching or training programs, or operations process changes that may be necessary to improve the quality of the calls and the performance of their agents.

Recording calls and running them through a data mining solution provides the opportunity for companies to gather data necessary to close the knowledge gaps in any customer-facing department. The extent of business intelligence that becomes available with call recording and call monitoring technology will improve operational efficiency, enhance the customer experience, improve the bottom line, add to your customer service monitoring tools, and play a key role in keeping a company on a course of growth.

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