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Get Buy-in And Keep Score With Call Center Monitoring


It’s nearly impossible to know just how your call center reps are doing unless you monitor and analyze your incoming calls. The best  call center monitoring is your basis for knowing what you need to tweak, improve or generally clean house in your call center operation.

The resulting data is useful and interesting, but why even have a scorecard? All those voice analytics reports are somewhat abstractions of things past, so how do you get a leadership or worker “buy-in” at the philosophical level?

The truth of the matter is that for performance metrics to be meaningful, there has to be a gut-level acceptance of what people who are experts at call analysis know deep down:

  • Whatever is measured actually gets accomplished. The simple act of looking at meaningful and relevant work measurement on a consistent and scheduled basis is an exercise of higher consciousness and deeper focus.
  • Manage your metrics and save time. The investment is worth it in terms of problems prevented or in the aftermath of the inevitable investigation of some preventable or unforeseen problem.
  • Keeping track of your incoming calls allows you to measure the pulse and predict the future. Using a baseball analogy, you’re in the bottom of the 7th and the right fielder is at bat. He can’t hit left-handed; your scorecard shows that he has already struck out twice against the left-handed starter, who has been replaced by a lefty reliever. He strikes out again, and you saw it coming.
  • People do best what the boss personally inspects. It’s just human nature. If you and the call center reps are working from the same score card, they will know what is expected and work at it.
  • Keeping score on your people does not mean that you lack confidence or trust in them. The healthiest organizations are the ones where accountability is high on the priority list.
  • You must work at and be totally persistent in measuring performance through voice analysis and assessment. Being faithful to the process and insisting that it be used and reckoned with is what enables it to gain the solid foothold in the organization’s culture.
  • You must designate a “scorecard czar,” who is responsible and accountable for compiling the numbers. That accountability and ownership are what make your performance measurement system valid, respectable and legitimate in the eyes of those whose performance it measures.

Our speech analytics software is your ticket to the big leagues of real-time reports production and the quick analysis you need for the best possible call center performance. Contact us and see how our turn-key solution can give you just what you need in real time and beyond.

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