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Focused Call Analysis Can Improve Customer Experience and Inspire Customer Loyalty


Have you ever been scrolling through a list of text messages on a slightly older model cell phone; furiously searching for a receipt in a drawer or searching for a paper document in a folder; wishing it had a, “Find,” function like your web documents do? Well, when it comes to customer service phone calls, focused call analysis is what allows you to have that functionality.

With this type of call analysis, you can scan thousands of CSR/customer phone calls to find out when customers are calling in:

  • For technical support on a specific product or service
  • To change their personal information
  • To cancel their business with you
  • To start doing business with you, and
  • Much more

Whatever you need to learn in your business, from a customer experience  standpoint, you will now have quick access to that information. Experts agree that the most valuable customer is one that you’ve retained over the long-term. New customers are wonderful, but those long-term, loyal customers are gold.

An article on Inc.Com talks about how some business brands like Apple and Harley Davidson are able to build, “fiercely loyal,” customer bases. They state that one of the main things businesses must do to achieve this is to offer excellent customer service. In the article, business strategist, Sarah Robinson goes on to state that:

Developing Fierce Loyalty with customers requires a deep commitment to more than great service. You’ve got to be willing to listen for and acknowledge the specific needs your customers have, and, most importantly, you’ve got to invest in a way to meet those needs. In my experience, this means building a community for them. Think of how Zappos and Apple, for example, have done just that.

To learn more about customer service phone call monitoring for your business, contact us.

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